Partnership expands prescription digital therapy for those with substance use disorder


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January 30, 2023

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A digital therapeutic software company has expanded its collaboration with an outpatient addiction treatment provider to provide adults with substance use disorder and opioid use disorder access to prescription digital therapeutics.

According to a release from Pear Therapeutics, BrightView Health, which currently has more than 80 outpatient centers across eight states, began piloting Pear’s products reset and reSET-O across six locations in Kentucky and Ohio in early 2022, and intends to expand the initiative across Kentucky, Ohio, Delaware, Massachusetts and Virginia in 2023.

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A partnership between a company specializing in prescription digital therapeutic software and an outpatient addiction treatment provider aims to expand a pilot program featuring two digital therapeutics for treatment of substance use disorders. Source: Adobe Stock

“As the severity of the addiction crisis continues to increase, Pear is proud to be working with BrightView to provide innovative treatments,” Julia Strandberg, chief commercial officer of Pear, stated in the release. “We look forward to expanding these efforts and engaging new patients.”

ReSET is intended as a monotherapy for adults with substance use disorder aged 18 years and older, while reSET-O is intended to be used in tandem with buprenorphine-based medication assisted treatment for those adults aged 18 years and older and diagnosed with opioid use disorder.

According to statistics cited in the release, drug overdose deaths in Kentucky increased by almost 50% in 2020, with a state report concluding that isolation caused by the pandemic was a major contributing factor. The release also cited RecoveryOhio’s annual review from 2021, which found that 10% to 15% of all state residents possess a life history of substance use disorder.

“We strive to make recovery work for patients and to meet them where they are,” Shawn Ryan, MD, MBA, chief science officer of BrightView Health, said in the release. “We believe reSET and reSET-O are beneficial to our patients, the community, and our health system. BrightView plans to continue expanding our use of Pear’s PDTs to help patients achieve progress in recovery.”

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